General IoT News – Identiv Completes Its First Multi-Million Unit Order of Wiliot IoT Pixels

Identiv Completes Its First Multi-Million Unit Order of Wiliot IoT Pixels

Wiliot’s IoT Pixel tagsproduced by Identiv, powers the ambient IoT ecosystem that is increasing global supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

Identiv, Inc. a global digital security and identification leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that the Company recently completed its initial multi-million unit order of IoT Pixel tags for ambient IoT SaaS company Wiliot.

Identiv has since begun production of a follow-on order from Wiliot that was announced on the Company’s most recent Earnings call in May 2023.

“We are excited to continue partnering with Wiliot to accelerate the development of the revolutionary ambient IoT ecosystem,” said Amir Khoshniyati, VP and GM of IoT at Identiv.

Khoshniyati added:

“With our uninterrupted production of IoT Pixels, Wiliot’s customer deployments are able to continue unimpeded, further optimizing their supply chains with the item-level intelligence collected from these breakthrough tags.”

Retailers are leading the adoption of Wiliot’s revolutionary ambient IoT platform. With stamp sized IoT Pixels, end customers can track food and product transport through their supply chains, including location, temperature, humidity, and other conditions. By quickly identifying inefficiencies due to poor storage and handling, Wiliot customers can significantly improve their supply chain productivity and sustainability.

IoT Pixels are being used to identify product misshipments and track cold chain items in transit in real-time, enabling food waste reduction, automated compliance with the FDA’s new FSMA Section 204 rule, and the inventory accuracy required for world-class omnichannel distribution. Wiliot recently opened an office in Dallas, TX, to provide additional support for customer deployments.

“Wiliot’s mission is to make every single item an agent of change, and with a partner like Identiv, we are making that vision a reality. With demand for our IoT Pixels multiplying, Identiv’s continued production will ensure that we can continue to make timely deliveries to our customers at this adoption inflection point for the ambient Internet of Things,” said Roee Zeiler, Chief Financial and Revenue Officer of Wiliot.

Identiv’s connected ecosystems put the IoT in motion, creating digital identities for every physical object. The innovative RFID team handles research, design, development, and manufacturing. The company embeds tags, inlays, and labels in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, luxury brands, specialty retail, athletic apparel, industrial applications, smart packaging, library media, toys, wine and spirits, mobile devices, cold chain items, and perishables.

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