Mark Cuban Urges Small Businesses to Learn About AI to Survive

  • Tech billionaire Mark Cuban urged companies of all sizes to learn about AI.
  • “There [are] two types of companies in the world: Those who are great at AI and everybody else,” Cuban said.
  • The Dallas Mavericks owner said enterprises should explore using AI in their daily operations.

Tech billionaire Mark Cuban urged businesses of all sizes to learn about artificial intelligence to avoid getting left behind.

“I don’t care how big you are or how small you are, you have to learn about AI,” Cuban said during the recent Mackinac Policy Conference, per Fortune.

“There [are] two types of companies in the world: Those who are great at AI and everybody else,” the “Shark Tank” investor and Dallas Mavericks owner added.

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm in recent months following the release of OpenAI’s human-like chatbot, ChatGPT. Investors have boosted stocks they expect to benefit the most from the AI ​​boom, including Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, and Oracle.

While top investors have said AI could spur a productivity boom, others like Ray Dalio and Elon Musk have warned that failing to regulate the technology could lead to chaos or disaster.

Cuban, which has previously laid into AI by saying it will worsen misinformation, called for businesses to use the technology to improve their daily operations, per Fortune.

“I don’t care if you’re a one-man or woman show, or if you have 1,000, 2,000, or 5,000 employees, you have to understand how artificial intelligence is going to impact your business operations,” Cuban said.

“Even though it seems like a lot and like it’s complicated, you have to be curious enough to figure it out,” Cuban said, adding that otherwise “someone is going to kick your ass.”

Investor excitement about AI has lit a fire under tech stocks this year, even as higher interest rates, elevated inflation, and a looming recession continue to darken the market outlook.

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