Prime Minister Trudeau’s message on Small Business Week

It’s the local grocery store you visit every weekend.

The coffee shop you pass before work.

And the corner store or depanneur that always seems to be open.

Small businesses like these are at the heart of our communities.

And they’re the backbone of our economy.

This week, we’re celebrating the contributions they made to our country.

My friends, when small businesses succeed, it means that our economy grows, jobs are created, and communities thrive.

That’s why our government will continue to work with you so that you can grow and succeed.

For example, we’re cutting taxes for small businesses that are growing.

We’re helping shops, services, and restaurants get online and improve their e-commerce.

We’re making major investments to strengthen the supply chains you rely on.

And as you face challenges like labor shortages and disruptions, we’ll be there for you, too.

Together, we’ll continue to make our economy, our communities, and our country stronger.

As we all celebrate this week, let’s reflect on the impact small businesses have on our country.

Let’s continue to shop local as much as we can.

And let’s find ways to keep helping each other out – for the benefit of everyone in our community.

Happy Small Business Week!

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